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Winter Reverie: A Heartfelt Look into the Future

Most people dread winter, but we have learned to embrace and love it. A time for clearing, of new beginnings, a moment for opportunity and change. Hunkering down and settling in, being productive, and getting back into routine.  But even in the winter, we always get a travel bug, and realize how much we miss Paris. Who doesn’t always miss…

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Farewell to Dry-January: Embracing the Era of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

As we navigate the year ahead, a recent trend is making waves in the beverage industry – the rise of non-alcoholic options. With over a quarter of individuals expressing a desire to reduce their alcohol consumption, the demand for non-alcoholic alternatives is soaring. As we transition from the sobriety of Dry January and strive to maintain our New Year’s resolutions,…

Person holding non alcoholic beverage with brand logo in the background
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The ROY City Guide: Montauk Edition

There’s nothing quite like summer on the East Coast! ROY founder, Hannah Collins, shares her local-approved guide to Montauk.

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A Letter From Hannah: Mother’s Day Edition

I was an extremely tender child. I was soft, noncompetitive, creative, and artsy. A drifter, a dreamer, a sweet little thing who was hoping she could save the whales, or the rainforest or something in this big scary world. As I grew up, whether it was my family or teachers I was told repeatedly that being soft wouldn’t get me…

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The ROY Roundup: Restaurant Openings

It’s an exciting time for the hospitality industry as new spaces, fresh ideas and out-of-the box concepts are in full force. And at ROY, we feel lucky to be part of it all.  Here’s a look at the recent restaurant openings we are honored to be part of:

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