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The mix of colors and warmth lend to an inviting space to eat a delicious bowl of pasta with friends and family.

A fresh pasta, fast casual concept was a conceptualized dream meant to combine the love of the mission district neighborhood with great food that was approachable, delicious and fast. The space was originally an auto repair shop which lends itself to an industrial nature in majority of the design decisions. Old-world charm with Italian undertones and inspiration mix with an urbanism that captures the grit of the mission.  A softness and elegance of brass dance through the space with fauna gracing the corners of the room to bring a liveliness that can be truly felt when dining. 

Fast & Fine Casual Restaurants
San Francisco, CA


  • Interior design
  • Custom furniture and lighting design 
  • Construction Admin


— Hand crafted plaster wall

— Black and white graphic tile

— White washed wood ceiling