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The Riddler

An homage to a classic Parisian bistro and a meeting place for female entrepreneurs.

Founder Jen Pelka had a strong vision for the Riddler, a concept launched by an all-female investor group. She wanted a fun but chic space that could host her two passions: woman-driven entrepreneurship and Champagne. We brought her dream to life, leaning into old-world romanticism while infusing it with some modern wit. Each location came with effortless charm, a natural fit for dark wood paneling, black bistro chairs and tufted banquette backs and accents of brass. To keep the interior as playful as the menu of caviar and tater tot waffles, we tinkered with scale, laying a big, bold tile pattern in a tiny bathroom, designing bistro tables inscribed with the greeting “Hello, old friend” and hanging a photo of female icon Jackie Kennedy clad in a pajama top and a bottle of champagne in hand, embodying the sentiment: Je ne regrettes rien!

Full Service Dining
San Francisco, CA | New York, NY


  • Interior design
  • Custom furniture fabrication
  • Procurement


— Custom Bistro tables

— Jaqueline Bisset poster

— Custom brass oyster bar


“The result of this bi-coastal project was a bar that felt as sexy and intriguing as female empowerment.”