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The revival of a San Francisco essential restaurant in the heart of the mission captured our hearts throughout the design process.

Delfina is one of those restaurants that everyone in the bay area knows. Annie and Craig, the husband and wife team behind the space are as inspiring as it gets. This project needed to embody the soul of why they opened the original Delfina location in the first place as well as fully embrace the changes that have happened to the neighborhood and the city over the last 2 decades.  and gather around fire pits. A material mix of high end and humble gritty elements was essential to the success of this project as well as a time capsule capture of how the space evolved and changed for them over the years. Original Jarrah wood flooring remained in such great shape there was no choice but to keep it, concrete patchwork filled in the space between the wood floors and the new beautiful mosaic, while terrazzo rounds out the quilt of patterns nicely. Blackened steel, warm rich walnut and oak wood tones and a glowing curved brass arch add an effortlessly cool chicness to the space that embodies all that Craig and Annie represent. Their edgy art collection layers on a bit of romance and humor while the plates of exceptionally well cooked fit hit the tables for diners to devour. 

Full Service Dining
San Francisco, CA


  • Interior design
  • Custom furniture design 
  • Procurement 
  • Construction Admin


— Curved Wood Bar Reusing the Original Marble Slab

— Brass Mesh Architectural Arch

— Edgy Curated Art Collection