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Media Noche

A picture-perfect bright and quirky Cuban sanctuary in the heart of the Mission District.

Media Noche is a little love letter to Cuba and its food and design. The two hip women who opened the sandwich spot were our first clients to request that their space be “Instagramable”—which, at that time, was a new and savvy business decision. To achieve this, we kept the restaurant exclusively white and light with lots of plants and pops of bright color, hot pink flamingos and accents of sea-foam green. The pink, floral cement tile floor is the big show-off, however; based on an actual floor in Cuba, we had the tile custom-designed with a classic black-and-white rug inlay. Carrying the tropical vibes all the way through to the bathroom—a space which should never be an afterthought—we lined it with an outrageously fun Flavor Paper metallic teal wallpaper with bananas on it.

Fast & Fine Casual Restaurants
San Francisco, CA


  • Food truck wrap design


— Vintage lighting and tables

— Custom pink floor tile with black and white inlay

— Rustic plaster wall


“At the client’s request, we made sure to have extraordinary moments of color and contrast that make taking a photo irresistible.”