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Luna Brasserie

Leaning on legacy to bring to life an old friend of this classic San Francisco neighborhood.

When approached to create a brand around a new American Brasserie style restaurant on Valencia St, we knew celebrating the legacy of the space would be important, while understanding its presence in the contemporary Mission District. This concept is an ode to the original signage, building architecture, and neighborhood where Luna lives. The logo letterforms take on a brushstroke application as an extension of the “authentic grit” of this beloved corner of town, fitting in with its surroundings as an old friend of the neighborhood.

Graphic Design + Branding
San Francisco, CA


  • Brand Identity
  • Signage  & Wayfinding
  • Brand Collateral
  • Menu Design


— Brushstroke texture logo

— Homage to the history of the space

— Modern Brasserie meets Mission grit