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The Bygone

Texas hill country humble seeks to find laid back modern amenities for locals to enjoy

The Bygone is inspired by another time. It’s a place where you can reconnect with nature and delight in good times with good friends. Swimming and recreating where a new-age nostalgia flows throughout, this roadside resort in the Hill Country is a distinctively Texas experience.

Providing lodging to guests since 1984, this roadside resort  continues the fine tradition of Texas hospitality today with updated accommodations and a poolside bar.  The logo mark uses the setting/rising sun as a metaphor for days gone by and a reminder to enjoy each one. The simple, square typeface features soft curved corners and a mid-century sensibility. Perfectly perched on the hillside for eye-catching views & cloadwatching afternoons, the graphic color blocking throughout the print collateral is employed to  represent this sense of  horizon line.

Graphic Design + Branding
Austin, TX


  • Naming Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Brand Collateral


— Color and Texture

— Friendly and Approachable

— Celebrate the rising sun