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Chez Noir

Chic & sophisticated, this chef-driven seafood concept brightens up the town of Carmel by the sea for locals and tourists alike.

An absolute jewel box of a project, Chez Noir takes the cake when it comes to combining sophistication, beauty, surprise and delight. The husband and wife team, Jonny and Monique Black approached ROY with a dream they had been thinking about for a long time. Visionaries in their own right, they knew exactly how they wanted the space to feel and hired ROY to help get them there. A playful take on California cool, we knew we did not want the space to feel stuffy, serious or old. An effortless European undertone was critical to its success. The  cream lacquered ceiling with perfectly aged brass lighting radiates the petite  dining room with warmth and intimacy. A bright and energetic  cobalt blue banquette  softens the corners and hugs the space beautifully. The delicate dance of color from the turmeric curtains to the oxblood bar marble create a playfulness that all ages can enjoy. A large custom round booth makes for a beautiful focal point to ground the restaurant and the open, glowy kitchen pass allows the guest to truly feel connected to the culinary aspect of the experience. Rich blue-green handmade tiles surrounded by beautiful hand crafted brass and glass shelves allow the tiny bar to feel cozy and inviting. A heavily veined marble bar top and checkered marble floor are just too good not to want to enjoy a full dinner at. As champagne flows and caviar is consumed, the design of Chez Noir is one to be utterly devoured. 

Full Service Dining
Carmel by the Sea, CA


  • Interior design
  • Graphic Design 
  • Custom furniture design and fabrication 
  • Procurement 
  • Construction Admin


— Oxblood Marble

— Turmeric Drapery

— Custom Bold Blue Banquette