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A Flagship location of a Bay Area fast casual salad shop gets a new look and feel to prepare for growth

Mixt came to ROY with robust clarity on who they were as a brand and how they wanted to evolve. They had the opportunity to design a flagship location and wanted to take the time to reevaluate what was working and what future mixt locations might want to transition to. ROY’s job was to integrate their existing brand identity in a unique and powerful way and give the brand a new set of interior design standards to build future properties from. Project goals were to modernize the look and feel, add warmth and create proprietary design features that integrated the brand story and would be recognizable at future locations. Custom wallpaper patterns, oversized graphic murals and a fireclay tile that embodies the brand logo all combine to inform the guest on what sets mixt apart as a sustainable, inspiring hospitality powerhouse.

Fast & Fine Casual Restaurants
Mill Valley, CA


  • Interior design
  • Rebrand and marketing (brand narrative) integration
  • Wayfinding


— Custom way finding order bar

— Custom wallpaper, murals and other marketing assets integrated in the FF&E

— Unique mix of warm woods and textures to add comfort to a more neighborhood location