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Super Duper

A fresh interior update breathes new life into the next round of the evolving Super Duper branded spaces.

We have worked on the Super Duper brand helping the Back of House Group evolve the concept to new locations for the last 8 years. Recently they decided to give the Super Duper interiors a bit of a new look and feel. The goal was to make sure elements and the ethos of the Super Duper Design stayed in tact but that we tweaked things just enough to have a new set of materiality, furniture and fixtures so things didn’t feel dated. Brand refresh work can be tricky. Keeping a mid century undertone to the specifications and making sure anything new we brought in felt like it still fit or wasn’t a trendy option was our focus and intent. The brightened, modernized finishes mixed with rustic woods, new custom industrial lighting, colorful furniture, custom wallpaper design and wayfinding gives a whole new life to the next round of Super Duper location openings.

Fast & Fine Casual Restaurants


  • Interior design
  • Custom furniture and lighting design 
  • Concept Iteration and Graphic Design updates 


— Custom perforated metal industrial lights

— Angled wood slat design installation

— Custom mid century wallpaper