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January 31, 2024

Winter Reverie: A Heartfelt Look into the Future

Most people dread winter, but we have learned to embrace and love it. A time for clearing, of new beginnings, a moment for opportunity and change. Hunkering down and settling in, being productive, and getting back into routine. 

But even in the winter, we always get a travel bug, and realize how much we miss Paris. Who doesn’t always miss Paris?

We get nostalgic and think of things from the past. This Winter, we have a deep calling to find inspiration through futuristic design, and also find ourseleves reflecting on what people thought the future would look like decades ago. We are pondering space travel and exploration, will we go to space in our lifetime? We are dreaming about robots and life on other planets. We are  finding joy in vintage items that feel timeless enough to seem futuristic.

We are finding joy in optimism, and I am finding joy in our work. Cheers to 2024!


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